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a certain frank RealAudio
Ord.No. WR 81 (CD)


1. nothing 
2. peace again
3. donde was?
4. secret love
5. we belong to someone
6. without you 
7. in the sky
8. man-day
9. blue & white


a -  the first letter of the alphabet

certain - sure, reliable, definite

frank - free, liberated, open


Nothing is a CD which is always a special number - and thatís from track to track - especially when more frequently heard. Pyrolator (Kurt Dahlke) and F. Fenstermacher - both pioneers of the German modern Elektronica - have given their CD number 3, with the completely muffled title "Nothing", a free, relaxed and sure treatment. This is inventive and pioneering modern pop music which expounds astonishingly open beauty. Trip Hop, Dub and other grooves have been generated so neatly and undogmatically into individual electronic listening symphonies with the aid of  "Tosca"(Dorfmeister/Huber) drummer Mike Daliot, Amsterdam bass player Pascal Plantinga as well as singers Karin Knipphals and Mai Lingani that it is not hard to get passionate about them. As with the internationally celebrated forerunner "Nobody? No!", a definite lounge sentiment also emerges, which radiates an absolutely liberated mood and is the ideal 4 wall sound as well as being desirable Discman and Walkman music for urban mobiles and modernists. One is looking at comprehensive time, space and style significant listening at the same time as serious club music for everyone who, in the space of an hour, wants a reliable update on the state of the new 2001 sound. Suitable for both chilling out and dancing, this music transforms every living room into a club and turns any hairdressers into a Coiffeur de Paris.

In addition to the CD Ata Tak releases a 12" club maxi with 4 tracks (22min), "solar panel" is previously unreleased.

a certain frank 2001 - free use for publication
a certain frank - click on the picture for full size


You will find a free MP3 -download of the song "donde vas?" 
as a special gift for all the visitors of this page here.



Ord. No. WR 81-6
a certain frank "nothing" (12inch)


1. secret love
2. without you


1. solar panel
2. nothing

In addition to the CD we release a 12" club maxi with 4 tracks (22min), "solar panel" is previously unreleased.


Ord.No. WR 86

side A: a certain frank "We Belong" (12inch) remixed by Robert Shaw (Flat Finger) & DJ Dick (Rocker HiFi)

side B: Don Tiki "Terminal"  remixed by a certain frank

a ceratin franks "we belong" from his last CD "nothing" became one of Richard Whittinghams (Rockers HiFi) DJ-set-tracks in 2001 and we asked him to make a remix on it. This etheric jazzy groove track carried by Robert Shaws (Flat Finger) virtous bass is the result.

"Terminal" from Don Tiki, whose CD "the forbidden sounds" was the summer CD in 2000, is remixed by a certain frank for the Don Tiki remix-CD that will appear in summer 2002 on Taboo records, Hawai. This song with it`s exotic groove has got a nicely modulated melody, that makes the song warm and mysterious.


a certain frank - free use for publication
a certain frank - click on the picture for full size


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Informations about the 2.CD of a certain frank "Nobody? No!"