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Bestellnummer WR77

1. Exotica `97
2. An Occasional Man
3. Barbi In Bali
4. Hot Like Lava
5. Close Your Eyes
6. Maidenhair Fern
7. Terminal
8. Polyamoré
9. Clutch Cargo Cult
10. Bam-Boozled
11. Itchy Palms
12. Da T`ing He Grow
13. Forever & Ever



Aloha, Exotica lives. From the birhplace of Polynesian Pop comes this remarkable record,that is the embodiment of an escapist spirit feared long lost in the field of popular music.

Every track lulls you in fantasy land where soft sea breezes caress your face that is lit by a velvet sunset hung over lapping waves.

This album assembles the peak of the new Exotica scene of the late nineties and contains two songs of and with the god of tiki music himself on piano: Martin Denny.

Images of Hawai, the scent of tropical flowers and the taste of fine cocktails come to mind when this tunes resound.

Take this first class trip to the island paradise of your dreams, you deserve it.