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Information on Ata Tak

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What is nowadays classified as modern electronic music (Elektro, Techno..) has enjoyed a long tradition at Ata Tak (the label exsist since 1979) Those who have made their debut on the Ata Tak/Das Büro label include DAF, Der Plan, Pyrolator, Wirtschaftswunder, Holger Hiller, Andreas Dorau, Element Of Crime, Lost Gringos, Picky Picnic, Die Tödliche Doris, Minus Delta T, Oval and many others.

The tendency towards "easy-consumable intelligent music" combined with the desire for independent orginality, innovation, even the bizarre - are all typically characteristics of Ata Tak. Inasmuch as Ata Tak epitomises respect for good traditions, they refuse to be dogmatic or fashionable.

Music doesn`t need to repeat the sounds of yesterday in order to be enjoyed. We can do without the rigidity of so-called successful business whose current musical expressions are no longer relevant. And we owe it to you and ourselves to maintain this position.

So accordingly we thank every one of you, those who came to appreciate us as a small, non-industrial label. And, those who are in the position to discern and exercise restraint and modesty in a media world conducting itself in an ever more aggressive manner.

We exist because of you.

You find  a complete listing of all Ata Tak records and the label Das Büro, if you follow the links. (if you want a record from here, which is not in our catalogue, we are sorry, you will have to find it by yourself (try secondhand).