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"Can" - influenced Punk with hymnic-genial lyrics of the german filmer and singer Harry Rag. "The White Album" of the true NDW (SPEX) re-issued on CD.

Ord.No. WR 62

S.Y.P.H. - Wieleicht

1. Früh morgens
2. Und so geht es
3. Traumraum
4. Pamela
5. Lenz ist da
6. Tagtäglich
7. Der Junge mit der Sehnsucht
8. Der Letzte Held
9. Shy, Shy, Shy
10. Raus aus dem Elternhaus
11. Meine Frau
12. Karl
13. Edel / Ekel
14. Tausend nackte Neger
15. Vol Del Bld
16. Pamela kehrt Zurück
17. Nur ein Tropfen
18. Unser Zimmer
19. In einem Moment
20. Wielleicht


S.Y.P.H. - Am Rhein

1. 11.Frau im Harem
2. Die Matchbox-Generation
3. Mein Esel ist kaputt
4. Oliver
5. But the girls
6. Schwesterlein
7. Platz da
8. Julischka
9. Pop Horror
10. Geteert un gefedert
11. Sturm auf Dich
12. Taris
13. Reggae & Go

As a sequel to “Wieleicht” ("Howlight"), this is – in the original words of D.Diedrichsen  – the fabulous “White Album” of Germany’s underground rock in German. S.Y.P.H.s second offering on the the atatak label and S.Y.P.H.s last album in more or less its original formation with Harry Rag (vocals/voice) Uwe Jahnke (guitar also with Fehlfarben and Toon), Jojo Wolter (bass) and Ralf Bauerfeind instead of Ulli Putsch on drums.

In conspiracy with the groups Mittagspause and Fehlfarben S.Y.P.H. projected Germany onto a punk and Neue Deutsche Welle (German New Wave) plane which other groups later dissected and commercialised. S.Y.P.H. is primordial punk, DADA in its best sense as well as Trance-Rock which no ‘weed’ can beat. Like no other band from the legendary early 80s scene in Düsseldorf, S.Y.P.H. – (Smashed Yankee Pummels Homo or Save Your Pretty Hearts) – assimilated influences from Can, the Kinks to Pere Ubu with unrivalled originality and anarchism.

S.Y.P.H.s “Am Rhein” moves playfully in the groove. The long trek from “Industriemädchen” (Industrial Girl) in the late 70s to “Picknick im Grünen” (Picknick in the Green) is artfully dealt with.

S.Y.P.H. 87 no longer stands out there alone and colossal, but for magicians meandering through 1000 ideas, building bridges from island to island, emptying out the pop marshland’s sludge and enabling the essentials to come into view. And somewhere between a psycho pop odyssey and nursery rhymes, their music comes over as completely uncramped – an aural rural sculpture. The music is a concoction of rock, film, literature and experimental – it’s all there. And yet there is a concept to all this – a critical standpoint to what officially and what unofficially exists or happens. The group’s ingenuity lies in their skill to come out with the absurd without the intellectual need to make sense where it doesn’t exist, with a result that the only meaningful element is what remains in the music itself.

“Three cognacs and then to bed – life’s dream is so nice. In the morning the dream is spent and I slept an egg to oblivion. We’re the matchbox generation and we’re looking forward to the cemetery".



Bestellnummer FV101


1. Zurück zum Beton
2. Industriemädchen
3. Lachleute & Nettmenschen
4. Unreif für die Zukunft
5. Mercedes
6. Chess Challenger
7. What happens
8. Heute Norm - Morgen Tod
9. Partir
10. Kein Ziel
11. Kisuaheli

Reissue of the first LP of S.Y.P.H from 1979. Remixed and remastered from the orginal 8-channel-tapes in the atatak-studio by Uwe Jahnke, Ulrich Putsch and Kurt "Pyrolator" Dahlke in 1998.



Bestellnummer FV128

S.Y.P.H. - Harbeitslose

1. Slumberland I
2. Hörzu
3. Dizxco
4. Wilder Winter
5. Ich glaub die Liebe
6. Durch den Herbst
7. Der Spring
8. Knudelblues I
9. Ich brauch Dich
10. Mamma Mia Mär
11. Willkak
12. Altbier in Alphaville
13. Der Bauer im Parkdeck
14. Falsche Freunde
15. Alte Freundin
16. Knudelblues II
17. Traumraum
18. Bekenntnisse eines Knüppelträgers
19. Masolinchen
20. Herrlich Anonym
21. Clean City
22. Hugo Hugh
23. Mit das Leben klar
24. Wo ist der Ausgang
25. Maschine von Beruf

Reissue of the second LP from 1981. Radical Sounds from this pioneers of german punkmusic in the early 80th. Remastered in the atatak-Studios in 2001.